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Out of my league parenting teens

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DH and I used to joke that God made little kids adorable and cute.  He made teens the way they are so you can't wait til they move out.  Hahaha
Seriously, I'm sorry you are having such difficulties with the teens.  Especially having to deal with them alone without your spouses with you. 

I don't know if it makes me feel better or worse that everyone is in the same boat and no one has any advice....

I relate to much of your post - my teens, 17 and 19, are good kids and for the most part have given me relatively little trouble.    Household responsibilities like doing chores are many times ignored, and if I protest they give me 100 reasons why what I ask of them is unreasonable.   I feel like there are times when all that I do is nag, and I can't stand that about myself.  The burp/fart debate is familiar, no apologies here either when that happens.   

The standards for my house and kids have changed - for example my 19 y/o DS rarely gets a haircut and has now decided that washing his hair isn't "healthy"  :o  and he now sports a greasy mass of hair that to me is beyond embarrassing.   Whatever I say about it is ignored, debated and argued about and the end result is that he still has greasy dirty hair.  I would love to put him over my shoulder and drag him into the shower, but he's 19 y/o ...... and well, not only would that be really difficult but just weird.   

So no advice here either - just solidarity in knowing that others with teens are dealing with the same kind of behavior! 

What is it with the long greasy hair thing? My 17 and 19 year old both have longer hair and went from short cropped hair and showering twice a day to not always washing the hair daily! I keep telling myself it's not full body tattoos and piercings, hair is temporary.

My sons (18 and 20) are not obedient.....but we negotiate....i pick my battles.

For example I would like them to keep their rooms neat...was a constant battle. Wasn't worth it. The compromise,they have to do their laundry and keep their mess out of the shared rooms.
The good thing is that although there rooms are messy , I still have a good report with them.

As far as hair goes my son rocks long hair!  I'm jealous of his thick mane ;D
Not greasy though ...yuk!


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