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I was listening to the song "Gravity" by Sara Bareilles early last week. It is interesting to me how I can hear songs I knew before widowhood that have taken on new meanings for me since losing T. This is one of those songs. It clearly seems to refer to being unable to let go of an unhealthy relationship. I had a wonderful, fulfilling 30 year relationship with my husband. But I have come to the realization that trying to maintain that relationship in the present has become more painful to me than comforting.

I don't feel like my husband is holding me in his gravity. I believe he wants me to find happiness in whatever form that ends up being. But it seems to be my own default to just keep wanting to go back to a relationship that still is as loving as ever, but is no longer active in a real sense at this point. I do feel as if "something always brings me back to him". I know it is much of my fear in even considering another relationship at some point, so I want to go back to the safety of taking no risks. While I have amazing memories, they don't fill my current loneliness, though. This is all so difficult to process.

Here is the song...



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Thank you for the links, TS! Loved them both.


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