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I am late chiming in here, but yes....reaching out to those still affected by the condition is critical for me. My husband had combat ptsd which drove him to end his life.... The caregiving for something like that is insane and unimaginably more comprehensive than I think most people realize.....it is extremely isolating. So reaching out to support other caregivers in the same situation is really important to me.....and deeply rewarding.  And by supporting the caregiver, the suffering veteran is supported monumentally.

Good point. Helping the caregiver is huge (as we know). I remember people always saying, "If there is anything we could do...", but I would never think about what they could do for me personally as I was so focused on DW.
It took a hospice therapist to encourage me to take a sick/vacation day from work without telling anyone else, just so I had some time to myself. She told me I had to remember how to have fun, because caregivers can forget, then that just compounds grieving later.

I reach out to the ones who are going through similar things and I reach out to the ones whose loved ones have lost the battle. I haven't been doing it here. For some reason, this "new" YWBB still gives me the wiggins sometimes.  When I reach out to spouses of those with similar disease processes to my Rich, I also am sort of treated like the specter of things to come. The "if it happened to her, it can happen to me" girl. But I'll never stop trying. I'd have loved to have had someone who'd BTDT to sort of talk me through the caregiving journey.


I am a brain tumor caregiver mentor. I currently have four caregiver mentees. It can be hard at times but I wish I had someone who "got it" when DH was sick. Being the extreme caregiver of a brain tumor patient is something you can't fathom unless you've been there. I am happy I can help guide, support, encourage and comfort my mentees.

I am also a chemo support to an assigned patient undergoing treatment of any type of cancer.



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