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Today would mark the day that I would celebrate a special moment with you; a special moment for us; our anniversary. This is the first special moment that I will never have the opportunity to celebrate with you and I am broken. I stand here at this bed you lie in loathing it for holding you from me. You, my sweet man that rode bikes over 14 miles when we first met with myself non the wiser that you did not ride bikes or run. Never did you complain. You, my sweet man that would leave roses adorned in my house or my workplace with sweet notes just to see me smile; you, the loving man that tore down my wall and said it was okay to love, loving me in good times and bad. Never will I again be able to run my fingers through your beautiful salt and pepper hair while I shower you with love. Never again will I have the opportunity to brush my lips across yours and stare into your endless blue eyes, thinking I'm the luckiest woman alive; you my "pale September." I wouldn't be able to contain my excitement for you to leave work this evening and come walking in the door with that contagious smile and "smooches" with "hey baby how was your day, I've missed you, I love you" rolling off your tongue. When you loved, it was with everything and you were un-afraid to show it. My heart is forever lost without you and others will say their love is the greatest, yet to us, ours was much more "Barney Stinson." Today, I mourn the cute and cheesy love moments we will no longer be able to share along with the bond that we swore not to break; I mourn you, the steadfast man with a heart which enveloped  my world and that of many others; the heart that put everyone else's he loved ahead of his own. You sir, were anything but ordinary. You my sweet Clint,  were extraordinary.
"Smooches" my sweet man. I love you past the moon and back,


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What a beautiful tribute.  It brought tears to my eyes.  Sending you a hug on this very difficult day.


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Re: Today
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these words you wrote let us see what a special love you had for Clint
and the love you both shared
thank you for writing here on what is a very difficult day, to say the least
we get it and so wish you never had to post here
take care and keep posting
My everything