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Chaz Ebert


Lately I've been listening to random episodes of the podcast Death, Sex, & Money. Today I came across an interview with Roger Ebert's wife, Chaz. She was his caretaker for quite a few years. I thought it was a very positive and uplifting interview. I liked it a lot. I needed it a lot -because that is a very painful time for me to go back to and this is the first time it wasn't.


I also listened to this one:

It's an interview from earlier this year with a woman dying from cancer. She died in July. It was interesting to hear the perspective from the other side of things, but this episode did make me cry. A lot.


Bunny, thanks for posting these links to Death Sex and Money.  I loved this podcast when I first found it, and you made me rediscover it.  I haven't had the courage to listen to your second post (the woman who died in July), but I have enjoyed many others since, and will shortly listen to a couple more tonight. 


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