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Not so young widow (new to the forum)

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Actually I don't know what qualifies as young, I'm 55 but I don't feel like I'm 55, so does young at heart count?

I lost my husband to suicide this past February. We would have been married 25 years in July. Our only child, a son, will turn 21 next month.

I've started typing my story a few times but I find that there's no way to tell it succinctly, and I really don't want my first post to be a novel. So for now I'll just say I'm glad I found you and I will come in and read your stories and all the beautiful words of support you have to offer each other until I am comfortable enough to share my own story.

Although I am seeing a therapist and I've found a wonderful support group, this seems like a place where I can come 24/7 when I need to vent, or cry, or express those dark thoughts that I can only share with those who really understand. I look forward to getting to know you all and hopefully one day offering support to others who have have suffered/are suffering this unimaginable pain.

Welcome to the forum. Sorry that you had to find us but glad you did in this crazy time. 

My husband ended his life in July 2015. I have been poking around this forum since May or so, and have found it very helpful.

Welcome and I am so very sorry you need to be here.  I think you will find great support here, our definition of "young" is pretty broad.  I lost my husband of 20 years to cancer, not suicide, but I think there are many things we share in common.  I'm sure our members who are survivors of suicide can offer you support as well.  Read, post when you are comfortable, and know that you are not alone.

so sorry you have had to join us here

It is a great place to get support and understanding from others that actually "get it"

Huge hugs


Welcome to Young Widow Forum.

Several months after my wife's suicide 7 years ago, I joined this site's predecessor, which also had "Young Widow" as part of its name. At first I wondered whether I belonged there since I was neither young nor a widow. I was instead both old (older than you) and a widower. But I was nevertheless made to feel very welcome there, as you should feel here.

Sorry for your traumatic loss.

--- WifeLess


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