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« on: September 15, 2016, 09:16:02 PM »
I am a new widow.  My husband died last Thursday (9/8/16) after a brief illness.  We have 3 children, ages 17, 13 & 11.  It has been shocking, to say the least, even though we have known that his death was imminent.  I have not yet returned to work and I am not sure when I will do so.

I appreciate this forum and I hope to "meet" others who can relate to my new status.


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Re: Hi
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I am so sorry about your husband. Sending you hugs.

I am a new widow as well (just joined this forum yesterday). My husband died six weeks ago (we did not have any children).


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Re: Hi
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I am so sorry to hear about your husband
please try and take care of yourself as I know this is a huge shock for you and your children
come here often when you need to read or write about anything 
take care

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Re: Hi
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Hello yogamom72 and Sirin,

It will be very helpful in the days to come to read this forum and come to post often, share your fears and feelings, when no one in real world ( IRL) can relate to the tragedy of your loss. I am also relatively new here, already "graduated" to over 6 months portion, but the loss is still very raw at times. I have a newborn, well, infant now, but my baby was only 3 weeks old when my husband suddenly died of a cardiac arrest. Our challenges are so very same and yet so different. Best part that it is very safe place to share and no one will judge, God knows I have posted some babble in my early days, but always found someone who reached out to calm me down and lift me up. Truthfully, this is going to be very long and very painful journey, but we all will get through, just read all the inspirational posts of the guys and gals who are farther out than we are. I am so sorry for your loss. Sending you tight hugs.
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Re: Hi
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Hi Yogamom2 and Sirin,

I am sorry for your losses. I am sure you are both feeling very emotional and shocked considering how recent your losses were. Definitely give yourself time to adjust and absorb how your lives are going to change. Don't hesitate to come here and talk. Everyone does understand and they can relate and they can help you sort or validate things you might be thinking or feeling. I honestly don't like to talk to my local friends and neighbors all that much any more since they all drone the same things - I know they are sorry, I know that they think I am strong...I am just weary. Wish we'd go back to the simple hellos and good mornings. Most of them can't begin to fathom how this all feels like and having to be a sole parent now.

I have 2 teenage girls close to age to your kids Yogamom2 in case you ever want to talk how about kids and such.

Hugs to both of you tonight!


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Re: Hi
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I a so sorry for your loss, but glad you found this group. My husband died unexpectedly 8 weeks ago and I don't think I would still be upright without the lovely people in this group and their ability to verbalize everything I am thinking and feeling.

Thinking of you and your children at this difficult time.
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