Author Topic: I don't have the drive to do anything anymore....  (Read 693 times)


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I don't have the drive to do anything anymore....
« on: September 20, 2016, 09:28:51 AM »
I work, like most people because I have to. My husband didn't have insurance, so we survive on SS benefits and income from my job. I have two degrees, but very little interest in working in my field. Last year I went back to night school to learn a trade that interested me. Now, I'm not sure that I even want to pursue it. So I continue to work the job that I have, and hope that I can find the inspiration to do something else. I feel like I lost everything when he died, and I don't know that I will ever get it back. I'm finding that I don't really want to deal with people and their different personalities. I wish at times that I had an office job or something from home where I could close a door and shut the world out.
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Re: I don't have the drive to do anything anymore....
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I am glad my job is mostly office bound and I have a door versus a room with no door or a cubicle. When I don't want to deal, I shut the door. I also am known to see walking the floor and keep moving so it makes it harder for people to find me unless they page me. What field do you work in? I'm a quality associate at a biotech company. I have a BS in biochemistry.

Aside from work, do you have any hobbies that were just yours for you to enjoy in your own? They totally save me from myself. I know my hobbies make me who I am and they didn't have anything to do with my husband other than he encouraged them or teased me about them but always let me have my own pursuits and interests. I did the same for him. I scrapbook, make cards, do crafts, sew, and crochet. I used to love to cook but I'm struggling with that because my husband was my taste tester and constant food stealing moocher. My kitchen haunts me a little so I haven't done much cooking that takes longer than a few minutes or I can leave it and come back.

We don't have to like work but if you have something else, maybe you can develop a different kind of drive that you can gain some personal satisfaction?