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Anyone hear of this book- What happens the day after?


Anyone hear of this book? "What happens the day after"?


I know it's about younger people who have died by suicide...
but it was strange that I just happened to go to this event..not knowing it was about suicide. 

The lady who wrote the book is a medium and said these young spirits kept coming to her asking her to help get the word out about young suicide...so she wrote the book.

I have not read the book yet...but it does look interesting.

P.S. if you are so inclined to please contact her and ask her to remove the- word *"committed"* suicide on her blog and when she speaks- and replace it with "died by suicide" or "completed suicide"- I think we can also help to lessen the shame.

I believe someone here wrote a great piece about this very topic? was it you Wifeless?

Here's a piece I found that sums it up...
Stop Saying 'Committed Suicide.'
Say 'Died by Suicide' instead.

by Kevin Caruso

Criminals commit crimes.

Suicide is not a crime.

So STOP SAYING “Committed Suicide.”

That is a term that needs to be expunged completely. It is inaccurate; it is insensitive; and it strongly contributes to the horrible stigma that is still associated with suicide.

A much better term is: “Died by Suicide.”


Thank you for the link. Something I posted in the past that speaks to your point:

Several months after my wife's suicide I learned that, rather than using the term "commit suicide", the proper terminology these days when referring to a death like this is "complete suicide". The former term is associated with very negative and usually criminal acts, such as to "commit murder", "commit perjury", "commit robbery", "commit adultery", etc. But in the great majority of cases, one who dies by suicide has likely succumbed to their illness, like the spouses of so many other members here. The only difference is that in this case it happens to be mental illness. So, if a crime is indeed committed when a suicide occurs, the one who completes it should not be viewed as the perpetrator of the crime, but instead its victim.

And with regard to blaming, shaming and "punishing" victims of suicide as a result of their mental illness, there's this:


--- WifeLess

Thanks so much Wifeless... Do I have your permission to share this- when it would be beneficial? If yes, how should I list your name please. Thanks again and be well!

 I sent you a private message.


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