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Re: 2 1/2 Years
« Reply #15 on: October 20, 2016, 10:02:14 AM »
I'm late and for that I'm sorry. I can relate to what you write. That place where time itself is your biggest enemy. Where people tell you that you will make it through this and that it is exactly that that is the problem. Because indeed, we don't die of our broken heart, but we do have to live with it and that is so much worse because of the horrendous pain.

I have little words of hope to offer. All I can do most of the time is take only this one day. To not think about a future. I can do this, breathing, today. I live like there's no tomorrow, I survive only today. And the truth is that every morning I feel like I've lost again, as I woke up instead of dying.

Frodo is right, that some wounds go too deep for time to heal. That there is no going back. Yet he also reminds us that some wounds never really heal, meaning they do heal in some ways and to a certain extent. We will never forget our loved one. We will never be able to erase the pain of losing that person. And yet one day we may realize that we did move on, that we started a new journey. Frodo's journey isn't the end, he doesn't die, he moved on, into another world, into a new life. On most days that isn't a hopeful message for me, but it does remind me of one thing - that you never know what will happen and how you feel when it happens.

Gentle hug if ok,
As your wife I was proud and honoured, as your widow I will be too.
You died the way you lived - trying to do what was right.


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Re: 2 1/2 Years
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I'm sorry too, Jen. I'm also at 2 1/2 yrs and have been slumping pretty hard. No end in sight on a long, hard trip. The mirages are disheartening.  But I'm sure we have to keep our heads up so we can see the good when it comes.
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Re: 2 1/2 Years
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well said , Adley, yes Jen, keep going,  we are on similar timelines. I hate sto see you so low. I am approaching 3 years and it feels empty and hollow and I am very tired too of being down and sad.
I am keeping my head up most times now, it has become a bit less heavy. But the hollow in my heart remains, there where Alex lives.
Know that I am rooting for you from far afar!
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