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Good news for change
« on: March 20, 2015, 05:50:46 PM »
Seems I'm always at my lowest & complaining ad nauseum in every post (such has been my history on ywbb.
I wanted my 1st posts on this new board to be something positive for a change but didn't think I'd be able to come up with anything so planned to just read & remain silent as much as possible, lol
But then something good happened.

My cat Snake had had a persistant eye problem for the longest time & I didn't think I could afford to take her to a vet so I just waited hoping it'd resolve on it's own.. but it didn't. So a couple weeks ago out of desperation I started searching for low-cost vet clinics in my area & I found a coupon for a free exam/consultation at a local vet, made & appt there & took her in.
The dr. said she had an eye infection & a flea problem. I mentioned that my cats suffer sometimes (with fleas, etc) due to my low income (Advantage is pretty expensive stuff & I can't always afford it) but that I love them & they never go without meals. I'd feed them 1st before myself if it ever came to that & I DID finally treat them with some Advantage for fleas the last month.

To my surprise, the dr. signed me up for a charitable trust for my cat Snake & that day she was prescribed medication for her eye then given a full array of tests, all her vaccinations & 3 more free vet visits (over $600 in veterinary care) at absolutely no cost to me! I was so grateful that I cried & hugged the vet & her assistant then joined their website & wrote a glowing review of the vet & their hospital.

Well today I got something in the mailbox from them. I just assumed they were going to try & bill me for some of the services Snake got (seemed too good to be true that all of it was really free, I mean what's the catch? There must be one, because let's be honest.. I'm never that lucky) & instead I read this:

Welcome to the Banfield Charitable Trust family. We are excited to learn that you and Snake have been selected to receive a free BCT Wellness Plan through your neighborhood Banfield Pet Hospital. The special plan will cover vaccines and preventive care for one year at no cost to you.
I can't believe my good fortune! I just cried more tears of gratitude reading that letter.
I'm so happy that Snake is going to get continued free care for a whole year & the pet hospital is only 2 blocks from my house too. Isn't that amazing? I still can't believe it!

Anyway, that's my good news. I'm sure more bad news will be along soon but in the meantime I'm just going to think about this & count my blessings..

Hopefully someone will chime in with some good news of their own... I'd love to read all about it as I care for you all very much. You have helped me through some of the most difficult days of of my life time & time again.. & that's another thing
I am grateful for..

(((hugs to all)))
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Re: Good news for change
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2015, 05:59:21 PM »
❤️  Welcome to the new board!  Wonderful news about your kitty. Our pets are precious and how kind of them to help you!


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Re: Good news for change
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That is AWESOME!!!  I am so happy that you had a "Happy Moment" to bring to us!  It was such a joy to read and I could just "feel" your happiness.  It's amazing how a little bit of goodness can make someone feel really good.

Glad you are here!
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Re: Good news for change
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That's awesome news! It's always so nice to hear of good deeds.
Yay for you and Snake :)


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Re: Good news for change
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That is absolutely awesome!  I am so glad that you were able to find a way to take care of your cat, and that it wasn't one of those "too good to be true" situations. 
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