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« on: October 21, 2016, 10:59:57 AM »
Yesterday was Dan's 40th birthday. Or rather it should have been. My boyfriend came over, as he usually does on Thursday. I explained to him that it was Dan's birthday, and that DD and I were going to sing to him and that I hoped he was okay with being around for that. He joined us in singing to Dan. Then DD wanted to count to 40. I said why don't we just eat our cupcakes, but N gave me a look like, oh yeah we're doing the count. It got a little hard for me when we got to 36 (he was supposed to turn 36 a fee weeks after he died), but I do like how it expanded the ritual for DD. I thanked N for being cool about it, and he thanked me for including him. It was so nice, and so meaningful to me that he did that.

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Re: Wow
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That is beautiful. Interesting times, aren't they? I had a memory pop up on Facebook this morning; it was a photo of me, LH, and some friends at my high school reunion four years ago. I shared it because the little message under said the person who shared it made it semi-private so only certain people could see it. Next thing I know, NG has given it a 'like'. I cracked up, thinking he wouldn't see it since he's not part of my high school crowd :)

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Re: Wow
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That's so awesome, both of your ng's sounds like keepers!


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Re: Wow
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I love this, MrsD. I want to say something profound but instead will stick with this really made me smile.  Coming up on 4 years now I marvel when I read posts like this - we've been through so much and come so far. At one time I never imagined that was possible. Happy birthday, Dan!