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Still haven't mooved a thing, but. But. It isn't as dark. Iit truly is softer here at almost 18 months. I  never would have believed that. Never.

At 20 months it has finally truly gotten softer. People here said it would. I didn't believe them. But it has.  I no longer want to drive off a cliff. I  still have no purpose to l7ve. Maybe that's what's next

Glad you are reporting in. And that you are feeling a lessening of the overpowering feelings of grief. I've come to realize how important our grief is. I truly believe it is what we must go through after such a loss.

I was widowed 15 years ago. I still have moments when I feel loss and while I no longer feel overwhelmed by these feelings it still hurts.

Can I tell you that at 15 years life is pretty darned wonderful again? Please, please continue to be patient with yourself. A different life is still a gratifying life. I built mine one brick at a time- really just one little piece at a time. It has really hard but it has truly been worth it.


Wow. Thank you Judy.
15 years,
I never thought I would make it a year.
Thank you so much


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