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« on: October 28, 2016, 09:18:12 AM »
Soon it will be 3 years and the theme is leaks.  My basement is leaking, such that everything stored down there is now damaged.  My attic is leaking. In the summer, our toilet separated from the wall and leaked through the downstairs ceiling, damaging closets. In our first snowfall, my (horrible crank-style) window broke and now air is leaking into the house; there's a 10-12 week wait for window installation.  One of the tires on my car has a slow leak. I am leaking money, sometimes on things that just require better organization. Some days I leak anger and some days I leak tears.  Seriously, I hope these will all be plugged up soon. So wearing, so much one-more-thing, so costly financially and emotionally.  And, as an added plus, I was rear-ended this week.  I don't believe in karma because I don't believe my husband "got" what was coming to him, but I do wonder when my stars will align better, because this, to be frank, sucks s--t. Putting it out there for all those with leaks too.  :)
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Re: Leaks
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hoping your stars have aligned a little better for you
and yes it does suck ...
it gets so overwhelming when it seems everything goes to shit at once
well life is overwhelming enough with out these cannonballs being thrown at us
my first winter after Don died the brand new boiler kept failing , off and on so repairmen couldn't figure it out
never knew if I was waking up to frozen pipes
other things kept breaking that winter, of course
I hear you !
ps can you put that plastic window wrap stuff on the window for temp fix ?
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Re: Leaks
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I hope all is plugged up for you soon too! It sounds like your current leak problem does suck. Please put your feet up and get some ice cream/wine/favorite whatever and grab a good book or your favorite movie. You deserve some pampering! Sometime you just gotta.


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Re: Leaks
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I just want to say that I hear you and sympathize.  Things that we could take in stride when we were part of a couple seem overwhelming when we have to deal with it on our own.  I hope things get a little easier for you.


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Re: Leaks
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I'm sorry you are having to deal with so many issues, CG. I know how overwhelming it can feel as I'm continuing a never-ending run of challenges since my T died. It majorly sucks. I literally broke out into hysterical laughter this week when another health issue was discovered (which was definitely not funny). It has just reached the point of being so ridiculous. Please know that I'm sending you love and tight hugs. I hope things turn around for you very soon!
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Re: Leaks
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Thanks all for the kind words.  Me too, SVS, I am starting to just laugh hysterically about the one-more-thing, I am totally overwhelmed.  I am so sorry about the new health issue.  And yes, plastic wrap with the blow dryer is the interim solution!  ;-) 

I just discovered, no kidding, that my washer is leaking so a pipe must be fixed.  Whatever the universe is trying to tell me, it's wet. 

I was about to write "onwards and upwards" but actually, it has been all upwards, a big long slog uphill. Downwards no better as things are always uphill so much that inevitably well-being is downhill. Going to have to simplify the metaphor:  Onwards.


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Re: Leaks
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Big hug to you. 

I finally dealt with my weeping tiles this year and it wasn't fun.  First contractor took my down payment and kept putting the work off. The next guy took my money and did a horrible job and I had to get it redone. Now I have to bring him to court.  The stress is not fun at all. Guess the only thing I have learn about this is how to spot a dishonest contractor by reading their contracts.

 I also got some window's changed.  I didn't go with an expensive window company I got mine from Home Hardware and had them install it.  It cost less than half than those other places.  Very happy with my windows.

Be careful with the roof, lots of fly by night companies.

My dishwasher is also leaking and I haven't dealt with it. 

All of it is so dam stressful.  If you need any advice checking out a contractor I am more than glad to help you.

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Re: Leaks
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Ugh - sorry. I like the leaks analogy BTW.....I find that everything goes along swimmingly, I feel at peace and then something happens, then another something happens and it tumbles like house of cards and I feel overwhelmed. Luckily after a rough weather patch my seas are calmer now but it can get turbulent and then I feel sea sick....Wishing you no more contractor headaches !! I find that stuff stressful....


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Re: Leaks
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Canadian Girl;

I am so sorry you are dealing with all that crap at one time. 

Leaks are my absolute least favourite thing to deal with.  I'm so thankful I have a contractor for a friend.   

I'm hoping all of your leaks get plugged soon!



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Re: Leaks
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I am so sorry Canadiangirl. The maintenance stuff never ends. D left so many things undone on the "honey do list." Four years later some of those things are still not finished.


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Re: Leaks
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A friend recently asked if I am ready to find someone new. I told her I didn't need a man. I'm still mourning the man I loved and lost. All I need is a handyman. I paid contractors tons... regretting it now. Talked about that in impulsive home improvement thread.

Truth is my husband wasn't very handy. But he was here to help me make these decisions. Honestly, i'd take all those leaks if I could have him back in my life.

We love you to the moon and back!


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Re: Leaks
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Dear CanadianGirl, I am sorry to hear about all these things failing, darn, I know how it feels. Overwhelming is sometimes moderately expressed.
Let me just say, I hope the stars align to send you a. a plumber, b. a car mechanic and I think they should be well mannered and good looking too, you deserve that, and c. that they do a good job for little money!
Keep going uphill everybody who replied also too.
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