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Social Security Benefits

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As my daughter was over 18 I was not able to get benefits for her.  So at that time I could only receive the $255.  Which to me is a joke.  I was widowed at age 51.  My husband had life insurance but because I could NOT find a job (so many thousands and thousands of people lost their jobs too; the recession), the insurance $$$$ went fast.  Thank God my house was paid off.  A widow friend of mine told me I could collect widow benefits at age 60.  However, I could NOT be remarried before that time.  That 8+ years was pure hell for me.  A year and a half after he passed I was in a near fatal car accident with a drunk driver.  A month later I lost my job with bennies.  Since then I've had to purchase my own health insurance including COBRA.  No choice at that time.  I applied for widow benefits one month before my 60th birthday.  Got an appointment in a few days.  I was given all my options; collect on my own or my husbands.  NOT both.  Because my late husband made more I am collecting on his.  I was also told I could work and make up to almost $16K before the SS would be deducted.  Luckily, I found a part-time job that pays pretty good (at least helps with the bills) over 2 years ago.  However, I still have to pay for my own health insurance.  Helps to work for an insurance agent.  In the last few years I've learned how I can live without things I had when my husband was still alive.  Amazingly, I found that I don't miss those things that I thought I really needed. 

Now I am looking at retiring, selling my home, buying a truck so pull the RV behind.  I'm sure if my husband was here he would have said NO WAY!!!!!!


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