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Ren-Bago weekend/MN Renaissance Festival in Shakopee MN September 2015


Wanted to put the word out for the MN Renaissance Festival in September 2015.  Thought it would be great to make it a Ren-Bago.  The two weekends my wife and I went to the most were the Irish Weekend 9/19-20 and the Chocolate Weekend 9/26-27.  Let me know if either of these would work.  We went to the Renaissance every year and I just don't know if I can go back.  Maybe with support we will all be able to heal.  Let me know. 

The website for the Renaissance is

Thank you all for all of your support,

Well, I haven't been to the Renaissance Festival in years, mostly because I live about as far away in the metro as you can get.  But, I've found it enjoyable when I've gone and could possibly be persuaded to go again.  I'd vote for Chocolate Weekend because 1) I'm not Irish and 2) well, it's chocolate.

Chocolate is a wonderful thing.  Make that 1 vote for chocolate.


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