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Let know too please, I'm just down the road.

Good thing you can drink at Carfagna's.   ;D


I should be moving to the area in late January to take a job as the librarian in London, OH correctional institution. I would like to meet others in the same boat I find myself. Grew up in Ohio and went to Wilmington College, but lived in Michigan for 30 years.  Need suggestions about a good place to live either in London or western suburbs of Columbus.

Hillard is nice along with Dublin. If you want to live out a bit Plain City has some very nice spots. London is definitely country living if that is your thing.

I guess the real question for you and your family would be how close to you want to be to big city shopping, health care, etc. ? The answer, of course, will impact what areas would be the best matches.

Good luck - Mike

Thank you Mike.

I may have grown up in Highland county (that is where most of my family lives) but I have lived in big cities since grad school or a larger town than London so I would prefer the suburbs. I have learned to eat lots of Asian foods in the last year and like other ethnic foods also. I use to drive 20 miles one way to work so that would not be a problem.

I am alone now. I am even leaving my 13 year old cat with a friend since he has been under some stress and would not move well. I had to have back surgery in May and since Biggie was 19lbs. he was over my lifting wight limit. With a layoff and moving in with Minh right before his hospitalization, I have not had Biggie since May. 

Hope the holidays were not too rough for you.


An update. I am living in Galloway, OH now. I will be starting my job next Tuesday, but have to fly out to San Fransisco for Minh's memorial service.

I don't know about you, it seems to take longer to unpack the older you get.



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