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Is there any interest in a southern Ontario bago mid September?  Our 2 weeks of summer may be over, but we do have a lovely fall here :D 

There are lovely wineries, a world George Bernard Shaw Festival (for the cultured geeks like me), and, of course Niagara Falls!

Details to be determined, just asking about interest levels. 

I would consider it.  There's certainly some great people up that way I would love to see!

Take care,
Rob T

This could work, but the 13th is the day before my sadiversary.
That day would not work for me because of family commitments.
The 12th will probably be soccer weekend finales for my kids.
The 19-20th is a soccer tournament for my daughter.
The last September weekend would work better for me but please plan according to others, I don't want to mess up everyone's preferred plans as my September weekends are so busy.

I'm interested!

Depending on dates and commitments here, I might be willing to travel north!  Keep us updated!


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