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Hi everyone,
Just wanted to post this during the holiday, in case anyone is interested in lighting a virtual candle for your loved one with your own special thoughts. This site was mentioned on the old board and many used it all year round.

The site is: a candle
Then click on begin or light a candle.

If you put the word Widda at the end of your dedication, you can then do a search under Widda to see fellow members who have lit a candle after you have lit your candle. To go back to the group's candles after reading dedications,  hit your " back" button not the exit button.

Sorry if this is confusing but if you go to the site you can get more info. If you go to the site and search Widda you should see the two candles I have lit. Just remember to put the word Widda at the end of your dedication.

Wishing you all a safe and mindful holiday season,


I just lit a candle for my deceased wife. Thank you for the idea and for describing how we can find candles lit by others in the Widda community.

--- WifeLess

Thank you for this,  Somehow I wasn't able to reach the site,  I found this:

Hope this is the right site. 

Yes, that should be the right site.

It is a little more complicated process than previously to search for other Widda members candles, but it is nice to share a common bond with others while remembering our loved ones. Remember the key is to make sure you use the word Widda at the end of your dedication to be able to search for our group's candles.

Thank you for sharing this information.   


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