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Ramblings from 3 months out
« on: December 30, 2016, 06:48:25 PM »
Today, 3 months ago, my world was shattered. This entire year had already been one trial after another for my family and just when it seemed we were finally coming through the worst of it my husband was taken from us. As I sit here thinking about this year, part of me can't wait to see it gone but then this will be the first new year I go into in 23 years alone and I'm not ready for that either. Everyone is talking about New Years resolutions and I'm still just trying to get through the day, sometimes the hour without having a complete meltdown. My children have all made plans for New Year's Eve and seem more than happy to say goodbye to this year, am I the only one who seems to be both glad and sad to say goodbye to 2016? Well thanks for listening to the ramblings of my mind tonight and as much as I wish none of us were here, it's somewhat comforting to know others understand.


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Re: Ramblings from 3 months out
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Same situation here. I finally decided to be with family during dec end. Since last 18 years had made so many trips to India with or without my LW but was not unhappy as I knew either she was waiting for me or was with me. Feels more depressed after seeing everyone as a happy couple and enjoying life as I was till few months back. This year has been tough as things were not on my side since last Dec but once she left I am completely broken and don't know the direction except have to live for my kids.