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Re: You might have "Widda Brain" if....
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I put a batch of granola bars in the oven to cook, and then went out to the shop to build a spice rack. 

Granola burned to a crisp.  The only thing to savor is the irony.

I got out tools to try and fix the air bed.  Hope it's fixed. Put air bed back together but can't find pliers to put them back where they belong. Have trouble getting comfortable on bed which deflates, even after potential fix. The next morning, dis-assemble bed to try new fix.  Find pliers and realize why you weren't comfortable.
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Re: You might have "Widda Brain" if....
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You open the cabinet to get out a new trash bag and find the pliers you had been looking for (for several days) inside the box of garbage bags; and you cannot figure out for the life of you, why it would be there of all places.
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Re: You might have "Widda Brain" if....
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You might have widda-brain if:
  • Your refrigerator has become an archaeological trove of old food.
    • "I just discovered one half of a Prosciutto di Parma twin-pack from Costco. Yay!"
  • "Thank you for this wonderful bottle of wine."
    • "I know you gave us a beautiful corkscrew as a wedding present (10 years ago)..."
    • "...but I don't know where it is (because I use something else)."
    • "Oh, here it is (right under my nose, in its original box)" (Yay!)
  • You frequently "rotate the stock" in your liquor cabinet, and yet...
    • "How did this box of Cape Cod Saltwater Taffy get in here?" (Yay!)
    • "The last time I went to The Cape was with Catherine 5 or 6 years ago."
    • "We didn't move to this house until 3 years ago."
    • "My sister-in-law must have given me this at Thanksgiving."
      • "...that was only 9 or 10 months ago."
    • "Forrest Gump would have loved saltwater taffy..."
      • "...because you never know what you're gonna get."
      • "...but get rid of the peanut butter flavored taffy ASAP."
      • "...because that's always the nastiest flavor."
  • Those "stock rotations" lead you to write posts such as this on a Thursday night before a long holiday weekend.

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