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I live in SE Wisconsin.  If anyone is up for dinner, I would be happy to organize.  If this would be your first don't worry.  I've been there.  Miss those monthly dinners.

I am in northern MN I would be interested in getting together if you choose to.

Thanks Dannette

There are 6 of us in SE Wisconsin getting together for lunch September 16, 2017.  If anyone is interested let me know here and I will be happy to list details. 

SE? Like near Kenosha area or closer to Milwaukee? I might be able to swing that. It's quiet here near Chicago. They have a Facebook group but nothing since April.

Julester:  It is closer to Milwaukee.  Right off Interstate 94.  I will be monitoring this every couple of days up to our luncheon date to see if I see any other takers. 


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