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I am finally able to return to the Emerald Isle with my Big Guy's ashes. Whenever we went on vacation, I always wanted to move wherever it was we went. He forever made fun of me for this. However, when we honeymooned in Ireland 2 months before his death, guess what? He wanted to move there. Ha ha. I vowed I would get him back no matter what.

Sooo, I will cross the pond on April 8th and arrive on the 9th. I will be staying until the 16th.

Shouting out to all U.K./Euro wids for a possible bago!!! I really have no real agenda, and what I do have planned, getting his ashes to Dunmore East, can be flexible.

Plans have become more defined...Dublin 9th....Kilkenny 10th, Dunmore East 11th, official scattering of the ashes....12th-15th Northern Ireland....then back to Dublin for flight out back to US....Bueler.....anyone out there?

How exciting!  I didn't realize the trip was coming up so fast.  It will be difficult at times, I'm sure, but also, I hope, good for the soul.  Ireland in springtime!  Will be looking forward to seeing lots of pictures.  xoxo

Travel plans are coming along well.....although I once had thoughts of heading over to London or Scotland, I have decided that time constraints would make that too stressful. That being said, does anyone know if there is a coastal town, weather permitting I can get a glimpse of Scotland while I'm in Northern Ireland??

I'm thinking that we could see Scotland from Belfast...or at least we thought we could!



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