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Re: What do I want , really really want? online dating related
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Still dating relaxing a little bit.

He has calmed down a little , i think he realized he was freaking me out  with his professions of love so early on. I have been very upfront with him , telling him I need time. I still have fun every time I'm out, there's alot  about him that I enjoy and yet there are a few points of concern. I am  also very upfront with him about that( although it is hard to articulate my concerns)...I don't think people should be required to change to fit into a relationship so what I'm trying to sort out is whether I can deal with the points of concern.

 Part of my feelings/concerns stem from the fact that we have such diverse backgrounds... I've lived in this area all my life. I've basically only lived in two houses minus a couple of transition apartments as Dh and I  became established. He on the other hand grew up in rural Holland, came to Canada in early 2000 and has moved about every 2 years since arriving.  part of me thinks that is cool, I'm enjoying learning about different things, but part of me is concerned that differences once the novelty wears off will be difficult to deal with.

so still pondering and yes trying not to think too hard and go with the flow.....still waiting for clarity.

Any similar stories would be appreciated.


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Re: What do I want , really really want? online dating related
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Hope you are having fun klim : )  I am very wary of early professions of love, esp if I'm not in the same place. BUT my LH told me on date 3 or 4 that he loved me - and we ended up moving in together 6 months later and got married. That's just the way he was...I on the other hand am much more guarded and cautious and it can take me a while to get there. Some differences are ok - part of dating is learning what you like, don't like...and what you can live with. Just have fun, take one date a a time for now and get to know this guy at your own pace. I've moved around a lot in my life - but very settled now. Could have just been circumstances etc. Keep us posted and have fun getting to know him!