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If You Would Have Had Children, What Would Have Been Their Names?

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This was a very important post to me on the old board, and it still is. Bob and I wanted a family, but didn't get the chance to have one. (We had our furbabies, thankfully.)

We wanted three kids: Veronica for a girl, and two boys, Christopher James and one named after him. Bob didn't want to have a boy with the III after his name, but I was working on that.???? At least one of our kids would have been in elementary school now.

SO, if you and your spouse would have had kids, what are their names? To me, our kids are just as real because they exist in our hearts.

Molly Florence Patrick xx

We had hoped for two girls...DH'S fam is chock full of boys, and we wanted to introduce more estrogen into the mix!

Their names would have been Baylee June and Ellie Francis.

No doubt, DH would have been a dedicated and insanely protective father.


I had 2 miscarriages and they said possibly a third. I checked out good and we started getting him checked out, that's when we his health problems started getting really bad.  We wanted a son named after him Charles /Chuckie or a daughter named Amanda/Mandi.
We too always had fur babies and still do.
I feel bad sometimes, I was the planner. I wanted all my ducks in a  row.  Married, house, stable incomes, etc...  He just wanted to have a kid when we got engaged(I 20, him 18)

We only wanted one child, but he died about 6 months before we had planned on trying to get pregnant. We were waiting for him to finally finish school and get into his first teaching job. His accident was 3 weeks from the end of his last semester.

If our little one would have been a boy, he'd have been Ian Jacob. Our little girl would have been Morgan Margaret.


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