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After my husband died, I discovered podcasts. They helped to fill the silence of my empty home and required much less attention span/ brain power than reading. The only reading I could really manage those first couple years was the ywbb and then widda. Listening to music was often too painful. But listening to strangers hold conversations that I did not have to participate in was a relief, comforting. And -much of the time- sooooo much easier to manage than socializing with actual people. I chose things that made me laugh or cry. I listened to topics I could relate to most personally, and things far removed from my life or interests- just depended on what I needed that day, that hour, that minute.

My husband was such a large presence- electric- when he walked into a room you knew it (this could be both good and bad :P), and he was very social- there were always people around our home, mostly men- so I found myself more drawn to the voices of the male hosts in the beginning. His absence was so incredibly loud- they helped to drown out that horrible, noisy, silence. Over the years, my tastes and needs have changed, and I don't listen to them nearly as much now. But I highly recommend seeking them out to anyone feeling lonely but not in the mood for actual human interaction.

I just discoverer a new one today. It's called 'terrible, thanks for asking' and is hosted by a young widow, though widowhood is not always the subject. I've only listened to a few and it's a fairly new one so not many episodes, but so far I'm really liking it.

If anyone is interested, I can recommend others- and I welcome people adding any favorites of their own. The winter months are hard on me, I tend to go inward and isolate, so I'm noticing an uptick in my listening as of late. Can't wait until it's time to garden again...

Peace to all in this New Year

Well, I much like the title without even hearing the program,  so I'm game to hear what's on it! At a touch over 2.5 years out from my dh's death, I still can't read anything much beyond gardening catalogs and step-by-step diy manuals (5 steps or less or my brain checks out stll). And while I can paste on an attentive face in public, it's still more draining than energizing, even when I seek it out.

Peace also to you!  :)

I've read her book, It's ok to laugh, crying is ok too.   I loved it.

I used to be a huge reader but since DH died I haven't been able to, I hadn't put much thought into it, but I think you hit the nail on the head, the silence in my house, reading seems to amplify it.

Thanks for the link, I'm going to go listen now  :)

hunh! You may very well have hit the nail on the head! I used to be an avid reader - read War and Peace  last year.  I  was 20 pages from the end of some spy paperback when I went to bed, 2 hours before The Phone Call.
That paperback is still in my nightstand, untouched since that night.

I just can't get back into reading, or anything else for that matter.

I'm going to check this podcast out! I am a huge podcast fan, and I highly recommend 'Snap Judgment.' Its just regular people telling stories of their lives. Some episodes are better than others.


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