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Suspected Cheating AFTER Death

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I suspect my husband cheated, and I have an idea who it may have been.  I was kind of puzzled after his memorial service, about someone who didn't attend.  I've never confronted her.  From what I know of her, she may be the type to sort of compartmentalize a sexual relationship, and truly never intend to break up a marriage.  There would be no point in pursuing it.  It's my philosophy that there's no point in pursuing an answer when 1) the answer is 99% likely to make you unhappy and 2) there's nothing you can do to fix the situation. 

My brother lived with me for several years while my wife was alive. She became hypersexual, keeping me in the bedroom 3x a day for a total of 4-6 hours and sometimes wanting it more than 3x a day. We had a policy of "If you want it, come get it. No is not an option when sex is concerned."

She cheated on me with my brother but I had no idea. I just let it go. It's something that can't be dealt with.

1st of all sorry to everyone that still dealing with this. I'm new to the forum and still trying to get use to being by myself. Reading through, I guess in a sense I had nothing to worry about... My biggest thing I've found out (which I suspected any way) is my better half did indeed have a Facebook account which I never really saw until after she passed. I only found out via her sister and a few of her friends. I never really looked (other than to notify her friends) to see if she had any secret liaisons.
I guess it really wouldn't matter at this point but I still miss her and would taker back in a heartbeat...


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