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I only visited ywbb for a very short time prior to the shut down. 

There was a "library" of recommended books that I never got a look at.  Well honestly, everything was too new for me to even think about a book. 

Can you post some recommendations?

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Re: Library
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Welcome to Young Widow Forum.

Sorry this site presently lacks the resource of books that YWBB offered. Perhaps one day this will be remedied. In the meantime, two books that I personally found the most helpful are:
"A Grief Observed" by C. S. Lewis, which describes his journey through grief after losing his wife.
And the first half of:
"Man's Search for Meaning . . ." by Viktor E. Frankl, in which he makes the argument that
"... suffering ceases to be suffering in some way in the moment that it finds a meaning".
Over the 5+ years of my widowhood, I have found this to be true.
These, along with H. Kushner's "When Bad Things Happen to Good People", which I have not read but many other widows and widowers have found helpful, are mentioned in the following article that you may wish to read about recovery from grief:
Sorry for your loss.
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Re: Library
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I was not a big reader on the subject but many people recommend I Am Grieving As Fast As I Can
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Re: Library
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I recommend Widow to Widow by Genevieve Davis Ginsburg. I've gone back to it time and time again, and it's been 8 years for me.
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Re: Library
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I recommend: "And Life Comes Back: A Wife's Story of Love, Loss, and Hope", by Tricia Lott Williford.

It's about the author's first year or so after being widowed in her early 30's, the different phases she experienced, and finally, a renewed sense of hope. The author is Christian. If you're not religious, I would still say the book is relatable,  and the author's not overly preachy.

 Just a good read.

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Re: Library
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A few I've read, many I hope to read;

Widow to Widow: Thoughtful, Practical Ideas For Rebuilding Your Life ~ Genevieve Davis Ginsburg

For Widows Only ~ Annie Estlund 

When Your Soul Aches ~ Lois Mowday Rabey

Companion Through the Darkness ~ Stephanie Ericsson

I Will Not Be Broken ~ Jerry White

The Tender Scar: Life After the Death of a Spouse ~ Mabry, Richard

Chicken Soup for The Greiving Soul ~ Jack Canfoeld, Mark Victor Hansen & Amy Newmark

Seven Choices ~Finding Daylight After Loss Shatters Your World" by Elizabeth Harper

Reflections of a Grieving Spouse: The Unexpected Journey from

Loss to Renewed Hope ~ H. Norman Wright's

Coping with Life After Your Mate Dies ~ Cushenbery, Donald C.

Getting to the Other Side of Grief: Overcoming the Loss of a Spouse ~Zonnebelt-Smeenge, Susan J.

The Light That Never Dies: A Story of Hope in the Shadows of Grief ~ William HendricksA

Grace Disguised: How the Soul Grows through Loss ~ Jerry Sittser

Finding Your Way Through Grief, A Guide for the First Year ~ Marty Tousley

Waking Up Alone, Grief & Healing ~ Julie K Cicero

How to go on Living When Someone you Love Dies, ~ Therese A Rando

Widows Wear Stilettos, A Practical & Emotional Guide for the young widow ~ Carole Brody Fleet

I Wasn't Ready to say Goodbye ~ Brooke Noel & Pamela Blair

Healing After Loss by Martha W Hickman

Loving What Is, Four Questions that Can Change Your Life ~ Byron Katie

From One Widow to Another: Converstations on the New you ~ Miriam Neff

The Grief Club ~ Melody Beattie

A Widow's Story ~ Joyce Carol Oates

The Sisterhood of Widows ~ Mary Francis

Traveling With George: An Out-of-This-World Experience ~ Betty Waldron Portenlanger

Where Do I Go from Here? - Neff, Miriam

From One Widow to Another - Neff, Miriam
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Re: Library
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I personally liked Saturday Night Widows, although would read this one a little further out.   A Widows Walk-a Memoir of 9-11 - would also read this one later on. I personally liked I'm Grieving as Fast as I Can (in the beginning). The UnFaithful Widow (also a little further out).