Author Topic: 8 Months. Really?  (Read 2159 times)

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Re: 8 Months. Really?
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Grieving, not greaving. Not native speaker!


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Re: 8 Months. Really?
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We all have a brand of crazy.  It's what keeps us sane (ha).  My Honey is buried; so instead of walking around with a bone in my purse, I try to imagine what stage of decomp he is in whenever I go to the cemetery.  Yes, really.  I even thought about googling it, but then thought better of it.  I figured the authorities might come swooping in and dig up my yard, looking for bodies in some stage of decomp.
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"Until my last breath, I loved you more than life itself." ~Kirk, in his envelope to be opened only upon his death.  And now I to you, My Love, until my last breath...