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Hi, I am newly widowed. I am 26 and my husband was 27. We were married 7 1/2 yrs. We have two beautiful kids a 6yr old and a 6 month old. He passed away Jan 10, 2017. He was born with a congenital heart disease called transposition of great vessels or aka blue baby. They did surgery on him at 5 months old and you couldn't even tell anything was wrong with him. He got a cough october 2015 and was diagnosed heart failure Jan ,1 2016. He went on a quick downward spiral and passed with end stage heart failure with his liver and kidneys shutting down and his heart barely beating. The lord blessed me with a beautiful baby girl and took her father in her place. We were young but I loved him dearly. Does the pain ever end? His mom is being brutal. She showed up first day after funeral to get his dragon ball z collection, his trophies, and his class ring. They already took the guest book from the funeral. They had the audacity to ask for his driver license and ssc. They say I didn't even care about him. I was there by his side through the whole sickness pregnant, let my diabetes go, and left my newborn to be by his side. Please someone give me some encouragement. My 6yr old has o.d.d., a.d.h.d, and d.m.d.d. the drs are wanting to hospitalize him because he is being so agressive. He beat up my sister by leaving welts on her arm and attacked my granny and had her bleeding shes 68.


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Re: Introduction
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Im so sorry you have lost your love so very very young...and yeah, relatives can be horrible- everyone handles grief differently, but it sucks when they try to put it all on the spouse- especially brutal when one is feeling at their weakest. Try your best to not take it personally as it really is nothing to do with you- it's their issues ultimately. You don't have to give them anything you don't want to- ignore their guilt tripping.  Just concentrate on you and your babies. The pain becomes softer and more manageable with time, but it usually takes a lot longer than we would like.
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Re: Introduction
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Hugs for you.

I am sorry you are here with us. You sound overwhelmed and overrun by your in-laws. They don't have rights to anything unless your husband literally willed it to them. I am sorry they are not supportive. Keep your chin up for your kids, I find that if I am as solid as I can be, they in turn are more confident and do better.

I am sorry your son is struggling. Sometimes they don't know how to interpret how they are feeling and it's hard to navigate at 6. I hope you can find help for him. My girls are ADHD, OCD tendencies with LD and other issues. It's a lot of work but with the right therapists, social workers, and psychologists to guide you through, hopefully your son will find some balance.


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Re: Introduction
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So so sorry you had to join us.  Sending you warm hugs
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