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As one that's attended a bago, just one - I found a welcoming compassionate group of wids that I could, at last, relate to.  There was no pressure of any kind for anything, just a place to be yourself, share if you'd like and feel accepted.  I left bago weekend with a sense of belonging to a community of people that full well know this shitty journey, that had been there and done that and some were much further along than me.  It was a time of immense healing and acceptance and made a big difference in my grief process.

Christopher  I don't know much of your story, but I will say that this community supports and provides relief to many.  There are a lot of different people and personalities on this site and I do hope that you can find a place here.

Christopher: when I started going to widowbagos I went to connect with other widows/ers.  Finally able to put the names and faces together.  Some of our gatherings were anywhere from 4 to over 30 people in attendance.  I met some great amazing people and always looked forward to the next one.  Some of the people I met at these dinners did start dating and even married.  But if you think that people go to these get togethers to hook up you are sadly mistaken.  For me that was the furthest thing from my mind.  I myself met a great man over 4 years ago on an actual dating site and he has accompanied me to some of our widowbago dinners because he is also widowed.  I have introduced him to some of the great men and women I met when I was going through the darkest period of my life.  He even accompanied me to the wedding of a couple who met through one of our dinners.  You may be putting your opinions/ideas out there without offending anyone but for some the words might have a different meaning.  Especially when you are dealing with people in the various stages of grief.  Don't take some of my comments wrong.  It is not my intention on criticizing.  Just an opinion and nothing more. 


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