Author Topic: How to look after me - selfish guilt  (Read 612 times)


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How to look after me - selfish guilt
« on: January 28, 2017, 08:11:38 PM »
Hi all
I've got to a point where I am ready to begin doing things for myself.  This has resulted in me very luckily finding an amazing lady (nl) who I connect with and really enjoy being with.  As there are children (mine) in the frame my 13 year old daughter I find myself grappling with the need to find a new life for me whilst protecting and being there for my family, I am finding these two areas are in direct conflict with one another, but I also feel to let one override the other will be a mistake.  I have been very open about the new lady in my life and I know for this to move ahead I need to ensure I nurture this relationship which at times would result in making decisions that are perhaps not accepted or welcomed by my daughter.  A recent example is trying to organise a weekend away with the nl, and organising family to look after my daughter has really had me feeling the guilts, something my daughter has also played on.  Any shared experiences/words of wisdom would be welcomed.


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Re: How to look after me - selfish guilt
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Re: How to look after me - selfish guilt
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Try and remind yourself that a happy mentally healthy parent is a better parent. If you deny yourself then your well being may suffer. There has to be happy medium but in times of self doubt look at the balance and make sure it is there.