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Re: Opinions, please
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That sounds like a lot of dysfunction. In my past experience of dating a man for 4.5 years with constant drama and dysfunction in his life (of course it was all the ex's fault...not...) and thinking it would one day get better, I finally came to realize he had a fair share of perpetuating the dysfunction. YMMV.



But I realize I have a very low tolerance for drama/bullshit and don't like anyone telling me what my kids can or can't do. This is why I only date men with grown kids. But that's me-not most people. And not saying that's what all should do at all.

I do think kids are all different...-at 8 my oldest was mowing and 10 he had a lawn business..because he wanted to mow not because he had to. In comparison his younger brother now 12..has absolutely no interest and has mowed twice and never has worked a weed eater. I wouldn't trust him to. Not his thing.

My 8 year old now does her own laundry. The 14 year old rarely does. Different kids, personalities, strengths and weaknesses. Wouldn't trust my younger two with the stove at oldest-Hell yes. He was fixing the dishwasher and appliances at 8. All very very different.

Bottom line you know your son better than anyone. Depends on how much compromising you are willing to do. --But oh the blending (and several on here have been very successful with it) sounds like a headache to me.
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Re: Opinions, please
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Yep. Sugarbell pretty much rocked it.
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Re: Opinions, please
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Not sure if this is a parenting or should I stay in a relationship question. Either way I would be cautious given the fact he seems to be influenced by what his ex is saying. There's a lot going on here, and it's a bit confusing what advise or opinions you are actually looking for