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Re: I want to remember him not sick...
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I'm 4 1/2 years out, April 21 it will be 5 years since diagnosis, July 10, 5 years from finding out the chemo killed him instead of saved him, August 3 he finally stabilised enough to be sent home to die, August 24 the phonecall from the doctor that it was time to stop the transfusions that were keeping him alive and call hospice, September 1 he died.... Yeah, the memories of those last months are so prevalent even now.  But eventually they weren't the first memories i would have, and around year two they started sharing space with other memories that happened previously during those times.

It sucks to hear it I know, but you're still in the early days. Give yourself some more time, the sharpness of the memories of your beloved's illness will dull and other memories will become prevalent. I promise.