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Did your spouse talk about you dating?

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Just read this lovely essay- written by a dying wife (and famous author), for her husband's future dating profile. funny, beautiful, heartbreaking. It's nice she's thinking ahead and telling him it's okay to fall in love again.

I never had that talk with my husband. Hell, we could barely acknowledge he was dying, despite all evidence screaming in that direction. But in healthier times, we did both say we would never fall in love again if something happened to one of us.

 i remember talking to his best friend around the one year anniversary, about which friend of ours I would have wanted to comfort my husband had the roles been reversed. I wasn't ready at that point to think about being with someone myself, but I knew I wouldn't have wanted him to be alone, I realized I'd been thinking about it all wrong. Not that being alone isn't okay, but that not being alone is okay also.

Nice article but life always doesn't give you chance to do this kind of stuff.

Wow, that's beautiful!

THat's so sweet; thanks for posting it.  It made me smile. 

This may sound odd, but my husband and I never talked about it - but he knew that I would eventually start dating again.  When we got married, we both knew we'd not live our full lives together - he had a heart/lung condition that we knew would take him young - He was 44 when he passed -
We never talked about it because he couldn't bear the thought - and I never told him whether I would.....  But in my heart, I have always known that I would want and would seek a second relationship..... 


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