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--- Quote from: daysofelijah on March 08, 2017, 11:44:06 AM ---Unless it's long distance (which I wouldn't do anyway) I wouldn't talk for more than a week without some indication of a meeting irl. Some guys seem to just want penpals.

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Agree with @daysofelijah - so true, sometimes that is all they want - for WEEKS or even MONTHS (the false appearance of a relationship, but it is only via messages or texts). Be cautious of that.

Keep us posted @stillwidowed

A week before at least mentioning it although it may actually take longer for it to come to fruition.

I personally hate talking on the phone...I feel all nervous and fake and  like I try to hard...I'm way more relaxed meeting....I know I'm weird.

 ;) not weird @klim - uniquely wonderful you - - we are all so different - what works for one need not work well for another.

I think it depends on the frequency/content of the conversations. I usually went 2-3 weeks of 1-2 emails a day before meeting. But NG will tell you that I had a rigorous questioning during that time. I didn't mean to- but I did have second dates with every meet but 1, so I guess I did?
However, I also had two preteens in the home and a 50+hours a week job outside the home, so it was easier for me to invest in messaging than meeting.

I usually expressed interest in meeting after 2-3 message exchanges.  I was OK with the woman needing more time, and I was OK with setting up a meeting a ways out in the future to deal with the realities of life.  But the last time I waited almost a month to meet someone local with regular messaging going on, it was a giant waste of time - we met, it seemed fine, but the offer of a second date was met with news about a second job over the holidays and how hard it was going to be.  If the guy won't suggest meeting, you should decide how long your timer is and what happens when it goes off.

Take care,
Rob T


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