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This is ex is a damned if I do damned if I don't woman. She is going to find something to complain about me either way.

At a Halloween event at my daughters school in evening last week....My boys and I took my daughter..hundreds of kids there...Crazy Ex decided to go with her nephew and a sister to the event and take teenage daughter (NG's daughter)--Really crazy ex just wanted an excuse I think to run into people, be seen and wear a slutty constume (I know none of the parents dressed up we were there for our kids...she wears some kind of biker chick outfit..OMG)

So anyway from a distance I see her, her daughter, their gang..I am far away talking to other parents. Our paths didn't cross..But my daughter (whose 10) was all over the playground and ran into NGs daughter and they spoke and hugged each other and crazy EX waved and said "Hi" to my daughter (she has seen her over a dozen times and this was the first time she waved to her. I could care less)

So our paths didn't daughter and I left and went to another Halloween event and met NG and my sons. Crazy EX texted him a book 3 days later about how awful it was that I didnt' speak to his daughter because crazy ex was there and that she went out of her way to speak to my kid. Now if I would've gone over and hugged daughter, etc..It would've made life hell for the teenager when I left and her Mom would be pissed saying "You like her better than me" (yes that's the mentality I am dealing with)

NG laughed..his daughter told him we were far away from each other and she was relieved I didn't come over because she never knows how her Mother is going to react. Bitch is just nuts.

... damned if I do, damned if I don't ...

Seems to sum it up best. So sorry, Sugarbell, but it sounds like you handled it like a real woman would  :-*


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