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I don't know how to date as an adult!

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Ok, this is making me laugh too - if we decide to really be together, Saturday mornings we'll be doing our thing and just get on with it.  Wow, this is such an awkward stage - amazing how new relationships at this point are so very different.  I'm grateful to be able to share  ::)

Loving this thread so much.  I was having so much with this that I actually did a few online courses etc on "Dating Like a Grown Up".  Yep, I paid the big bucks, to grow some balls to handle dating. 


Needy -- good for you! I continue to read information from the so-called experts but tend to use it more for how to best communicate. Much of what I found seemed to lean toward coercion or fakery, and I'm not about that. I don't want to trick a man into being in my life. However, not being the most social person, I wanted tips for how to not be stupid at a conversation and how to be comfortable in silent moments. I still struggle with wanting to fill up the space with talk ...  :-\


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