Author Topic: Two "dates" for do I get into these messes.  (Read 427 times)


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I have been trying online dating sites for the past year. I've met some really cool nice guys, even dated a few for awhile and was exclusively seeing one a couple of months ago. It did not work out, he lived three hours away and did not like the distance. That seems to be the issue with every guy I've went out with. I live in a small town and there are not many eligible bachelors here lol.
Which is why I have two dates for tomorrow. I will be going to the nearest city which is a two hour drive away. The guy I was seeing for awhile is meeting me there for supper and we got tickets for a basketball game. I have already established that it will be a friend date, I need to set boundaries with him. Then another guy I dated on and off throughout the fall last year texted me. We've been texting since the other guy and I broke it off. But up until recently just as friends. He was seeing someone and it did not work out. In fact she cancelled plans with him at the last minute and he was sad about it. So I mentioned being in his city on Tuesday and that I would take him out for lunch. As friends. Then the other night he started asking if we should start dating again. Ugh. I told him it might be weird considering we are friends now. And I've been getting texts and calls from another guy I was dating for awhile last year. All these guys from the past when I just want to move forward. But it's my own fault. I'm comfortable with these guys. There's no uncertainty there. I do like all of them, they are good people and I enjoy spending time with them. But it's stressful too. I want just friendship from them and I know at least two of them want more than that, and I don't want to mislead them.
I was looking forward to seeing both guys tomorrow and then earlier I went on Facebook and looked at my dh's profile. Now I'm just sad and lonely. And really not looking forward to tomorrow at all now.
Why does this all have to be so hard?


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Re: Two "dates" for do I get into these messes.
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I will agree, it is hard.  I do not have a lot of experience to give amazing advice but I believe you should not over think it and just go have a fun day!  I bet you deserve one.

I have a distance man just reconnect with me.  He wants more but I am keeping it as friends at the moment.  We have not even met in person so really he can't know either....surely.  I tend to be much too practical for most men who want to make promises, plans and sext before even meeting.....