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Has anyone else watched the show "13 Reasons Why?" I've heard some people say it glorifies suicide or that it can be triggering for those who have lost a loved one this way or attempted it themselves, so I won't recommend it to everyone. For me, though, I found it very relatable, especially in the survivor's guilt that Clay experiences, and Hannah's parents experience, so it was sort of cathartic and helpful in that way.


I haven't seen the series, and so I cannot comment on it in any meaningful way. But I'm glad it brought you a measure of comfort. Anything that helps relieve the guilt of a survivor of a loved one's suicide is always a good thing.

--- WifeLess

My college students are all loudly boycotting it on Facebook because it is triggering, which means I should probably watch it (not a SOS myself but am concerned about anything my students are concerned about, especially with regard to mental health).  I'm glad it brought you comfort.  It is also, apparently, a book. 

I've seen those posts too. I definitely see how it could be triggering for some people. My advice for those who are uncertain is to use caution and know what you can handle seeing. The last episode depicts the actual suicide, which was a really hard scene to watch. But I think the show has a powerful message about treating people with kindness because you never know what they might be going through.

There are warnings before the episodes with graphic scenes, so people can be prepared if they choose to watch it.

It was relatable. I don't think it glorified suicide at all. I think it did an admirable job of depicting the suffering of mental illness, and it pointed out the hypocrisy of our educational culture. The suicide awareness posters don't go up until after someone dies.

I don't think that young teens should be watching it, but I am glad that people are talking about it.

I am anti-censorship, so I don't support banning it.


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