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Meeting the family
« on: April 18, 2017, 06:41:29 PM »
My mom called last night, to tell me about my sister coming to visit. I think it speaks volumes about our relationship that I haven't heard from her. But, back to my mom. We are Facebook friends and she likes every post I make. In her mind likening a post is her telling me she saw it. It's mildly annoying but I just remember to post stuff I don't care if my mom knows. That's usally pretty limited and not very personal. So a week or so I had posted about buying seed and planting a garden. Those who know me well know that the garden is at my boyfriends farm. He has 11 acres garden is about a acre in the meadow. So when talking to my mom she asked about the garden and how I expect to take care of it. My last garden ended up being all weeds as I really didn't have time for it. So I told her it was a co-op. The reality is he plants it and his sisters come over and harvest veggies for their families. His sister owns a hotel I think some of these also end up
there. I will be eating these veggies come summer as well.  I met all of my NGs family for Easter, he has met my kids , one sister and a few of my friends. Over the years I have introduced 2 guys to my parents. I married both of them. If I introduce another guy to my parents I will get lots of questions, my mom tends to jump the gun. She also will feel a need to call all my family to tell them the news. So, in some ways I feel like posting something on Facebook and "letting" her find out that way. I'm pretty sure she suspects already. In others I guess I should put on my big girl pants and take him down to meet her.  When I dated prior to meeting my LH my mom kept commenting on my different male friends. I told her to knock it off and if and when I wanted her to know I was dating I would tell her, other then that I would pefer she act like I wasn't dating at all.   Something else I never thought I would have to deal with again. My mom and dad are rather judgemental , I relize I don't need their approval but .. I would feel better if I had it. Ugh!!!


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Re: Meeting the family
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Families mean well but they can drive you nuts. Good luck to you...only you know how much of their pestering you can take. I love my family but I too know I need to hold back or they would drive me crazy. I don't post much on FB anymore because of it. They are smart not to pry and now wait on me to share when I am ready. Hugs and good luck!


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Re: Meeting the family
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Family dynamics can be so challenging.  I think it's ok to share only what you are comfortable with and on your own time frame.  Some people like to put everything out there for the world to know and then there are people like me who are more private.  There is no right or wrong in my opinion.  I tend to wait to share things until Imam sure that I won't be effected by the reaction of others. Whatever you do I hope you feel confident enough regardless of the level of support and acceptance you get from your family.
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