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Haha, gotcha with that title, didn't I?
I have two kids in their middle 30's who have absolutely no interest in settling down.  The new term for this is polyamory.
As one of my kids was trying to explain to me how this worked for them (Kid is transgendered so i have the additional problem of pronouns), i started thinking about how I am happily married to new guy and still in love with DH.
So does that make me polyamorous :  :o

Will it make us seem cooler if we call ourselves polyamorous? 😂.  Can't say I understand the younger generation's attitude on relationships.  My middle son (19) is a serial monogamist like his mom while oldest (21) doesn't seem to have an interest in being in a relationship, but he's young still.

Not committing sounds more lonely to me than being alone.

i agree, not committing does seem lonely.

yeah, we  have to use cool words..  :P

Haha you wild polyamorous ladies.  lol

Well, I hate to be a debby downer, but I don't suppose we are polyamorous unless we think we could be in a committed relationship with our NG and our DH at the same time, while they are both living LOL and with their full cooperation and buy in. I can imagine alot, but I can't imagine that! :-[


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