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Radio Hell - Ninth Level

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The floor is sticky in here, and some asshole pissed in the corner...
This is why we can't have nice studios...

I brought you a stack of virtual plates, Michael, so you may throw them at our virtual chandelier.

The station might be in reruns, but it's still on the air.

Your crusty ass is in my heart, and my thoughts. Send me eff bombs if ever you need to.

It's not fair.

It's a f*cktacular feat of f*ckery, and the f*cking good ones die young. I give two one fingered salutes to the universe on his behalf. Do you hear that, universe? That means you aren't number 1 in my book, that means go f*ck yourself.

If I could build you a sculpture of a middle finger, and put it on a space shuttle, I would send that f*cker first class through the stratosphere, and into the sun.


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