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PDA??? how comfortable are you?

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ok so it's not just my guy..theaters do that to people eh!

And the snuggling in front of the kids( although I can hardly call mine kids anymore 19 and 21) and really they just walk through the living room on the way to the fridge but it is definitely taking some getting used to.

Ha! The snuggle in front of the kids thing -- you all just reminded me. So the first time I met NG's daughter was during the holidays. I was at his place and we were sitting next to each other on the couch, holding hands, and I had my head on his shoulder. His daughter and her boyfriend came in and NG introduced us. I felt sort of 'caught' even though we weren't doing anything. I spoke to them both, all the while still holding hands with my head on NG's shoulder, because I didn't know what to do. So nerdy and awkward  :-\


walking holding hands                               1
walking arm around shoulder or waist         1
peck on the cheek or lips                            1
staring into each others eyes                       1
really kissing                                              5
Sitting on their lap or vice versa                   5

My boyfriend is really affectionate. We hold hands when we go listen to music, or see a movie, or spend time with his family. In public, it's very sweet so I don't see anything inappropriate. We only get to see each other a few times a week, so I'm not going to avoid being affectionate because other people are around. Life is too short. Sitting on the lap I put 5 because well, I'm 40 and would feel silly. I also think deep kissing in public isn't appropriate. That's such a personal thing. But pecks, hugs, shoulder rubs I'm completely comfortable with. Being affectionate in front of our kids isn't really an issue. He and his daughter's mother broke up before she was born, and my DD was only three months old when Dan died. So neither of them has memories of their other parent that we need to be sensitive to. We did hold off in front of my daughter, because we wanted her to be comfortable with the relationship. But I think it's important to model healthy loving relationships for our kids. 

Ha! Thanks, MrsDan -- totally didn't follow directions on the numbering and revised mine to match the instructions LOL! Yes, life is too short. I too only see NG typically once per week, maybe twice. Try to get as much close time as possible :)

When things are good with NG  ::)  we're affectionate.  One of things that we've enjoyed together is dancing at a local pub with live music.  He's not really a dancer, but we've had some dirty dancing moments late into the night after having a few beers  ;D   So this has definitely pushed our comfort level with PDA to a different place.  That being said, when we're not dancing I can be kind of prudish.

walking holding hands   1
walking arm around shoulder or waist   1   we haven't done this
peck on the cheek or lips  1
staring into each others eyes  4   I'd be uncomfortable 
really kissing   5   nope, get a room
sitting on their lap or vice versa   5


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