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4 yrs this month
« on: May 08, 2017, 11:37:29 AM »
Oh boy.  On Friday I took a senior friend for a cancer treatment. Yup, same place as DH.  I thought I would dropper her off and come back to get her.  Nope, she said no it's a consultation please come in with me?  How could I not. I mustered up and said no problem. Just like 4 yrs ago, registered, sat in that F'en lounge waiting. Brought into that f'en room to wait for the Dr.  Nurse asking all those same questions blah blah you get the drill.  While we were there it occurred to me I never checked the basement with all the heavy rainfall we've been getting. You see the basement flooded once about 13 yrs ago though one of the doors with a bad slope.  DH husband sort of fixed it with more gravel but we hadn't had rain like that since. The old heart started pounding. Finally got home. No water but the heaviest rainfall was yet to come. 1.5 hrs on the phone trying to find sandbags with no luck. Called my 21 yr old nephew that worked for the municipality last summer and he said no problem Aunty I'll get some for you.  Got off the phone and started to cry. He brought them and all is good.
It's May, this is the month May 2 brought him home to die. He died May 30. Since Friday I've been a mess.  Wow, never saw this coming. I've been reliving that damned May and I'm just done. I've gone into cocoon mode today to just rest and do what I need to do.  If you've made it this far. Thank you. Water is creeping up my lawn from the lake. Waiting right now to find out from conservation authority to see if they expect to meet the 100 yr high water mark, if so I'll be calling my dear nephew because DH isn't here to do his job :(
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I don't want it to be his legacy that his death destroyed me.
I need to honour his life by rebuilding my life.


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Re: 4 yrs this month
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Cocoon mode sounds like the right thing, ughhh!  Sending you hugs.
You will forever be my always.


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Re: 4 yrs this month
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Sending you a big hug.  The rain has to stop.


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Re: 4 yrs this month
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Sending hugs.  Hope the better weather is helping.