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Haunting Dream...
« on: May 16, 2017, 11:34:56 PM »
Haunting you have them?

I had one s few weeks ago- and it threw me back down the "rabbit hole" for quite a while.

In the dream I  was standing at the bottom of our stairs (yes, it's still "ours").
I was trying to walk up the stairs- but could not- kept trying and just could not do it- I got really upset-
started crying and saying.."I'm all one is here to help me..there is no one I can call". And began sobbing and fell to the ground.

I looked up and saw my husband at the top of the stairs... he reached his hand out to me- and said, "Here honey... I'll help you."
(He looked SOOO good- very healthy and fit- like he was when we first met in our late 20's).

I looked at him confused- and just stared and then said,..."How can you be here? you are dead."
He disappeared.

Right after I heard crying from the back of the house downstairs...then saw my husband again...he was crying...and saying, "I can't help me wife...I can't find my wife- and he started crying uncontrollably."

I walked over and said- "I'm right here- I did not go anywhere." And put my arm around him and started rubbing his arm and holding his hand. (it felt sooo good to touch him- I loved holding hands with him...he had the strongest hands that made me feel so protected and secure.)

As I thought how good it felt to be touching him (it felt so real!)...he disappeared again.
And I woke up- really upset and depressed for days.

Still trying to figure out what it all means...

But a few days after the dream I was so sick- I had to finally drag myself to the one to call or be with me...I felt so alone...but made it thru and found out what's been making me so sick lately.

But the dream still haunts me...cause -I can take me crying..but to see my husband crying and upset...well it just breaks me to the core...


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Re: Haunting Dream...
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2017, 04:10:51 AM »
PoP I haven't had many dreams of DH but the odd on does hit me when I wake up.  Sorry you are going through this.  This sure is a lonely journey.  I hope you get better soon!
I don't want it to be his legacy that his death destroyed me.
I need to honour his life by rebuilding my life.

Mrs Reader

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Re: Haunting Dream...
« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2017, 12:59:24 PM »
I have my own silly theory of dreams ::) When my husband appears in mine, he is always dressed the way he knows I like, sits in front of me in a restaurant like he used to, or just sometimes hugs me.
Somehow I am convinced that he actually visits me, the only way he is able to.
I know I know, mind is a powerful tool and it is my own imagination working. But still. Who knows. And it just makes me so happy to see him and to have this one foolish belief.

I wish you happier dreams. My first ones were sad, too, but lately they have changed for the better.


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Re: Haunting Dream...
« Reply #3 on: May 31, 2017, 05:51:00 AM »
I don't remember my dreams often but for some reason when I do I have to dream the same thing at least three times.  I have only had one dream once of my husband.  I was at a wedding.  Everyone was sitting about beautiful round tables except for me. I was sitting at an old rotting picnic table in the middle of the room alone.  I saw my husband he and everyone completely ignored me.  Hope to never have that one ever again.