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A Radio Hell Poll - bereavement time

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Some background: My son's mother and I lost our only son to a car accident two weeks ago. She has been told by her employer that they would like her to return to work next Monday, which would make it two weeks out. How do you feel about that?

We've put this poll in a new thread so as not to get anyone mixed up with the other, creepier thread. You have no business being there anyway, so stay out, ya hear? Stay out!

Thank you for your input.

I hope your ex goes to a doctor and gets more time off.  We all know only too well how DGI's can be.
......and now, I'll get back to the creepy thread :)

This is one of those situations where a blanket policy makes things difficult because everyone is so different.  Were I the owner of a company I would think I would be very lenient as far as giving time off to a grieving employee, but paying for said time off could be another matter.

it would be nice if an employer was willing to offer (paid or unpaid) *at least* a month off for an especially difficult loss- like a child or spouse. Doesn't mean one has to take it if keeping busy is a better coping mechanism, just would be super helpful to at least have the option of extra time without having the worry about getting fired during the most hellish moments of one's life. But I do understand that some companies have trouble setting aside their bottom line when the inconvenience of, say, death or grave illness occurs. 

A few years ago, when a friend of mine was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, his boss didnt fired him- even when he could no longer work, even after the year mark of not working had passed. His employer kept him on the (small, local) company's healthcare plan and deposited paychecks like clockwork, until his death. Those are the kinds of companies that people remember and remain loyal to, but they're probably rare.

Unfortunately, unless someone is intimately familiar with abject grief, most people are simply unable to comprehend just how much it can seriously fuck you up mentally, spiritually, and physically. I know I personally was super shocked.

I hope your ex finds a way to meet her emotional needs while keeping her job. I'm just so heartbroken for the both of you...

Its not anywhere near enough time if she isnt the one pushing to go back. 


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