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fortune cookie
« on: May 18, 2017, 12:56:07 PM »
I went to dinner Sunday with my mother and my sister, my boyfriend (widower NG) and our daughter. 

In HIGHLY simplified form, my grief looked like: a few months of extreme trauma/devastation, started to feel alive again and happy around 2 years, got involved with NG, quickly got serious and got pregnant and relocated to join him and then a couple years of pretty significant difficulty and unhappiness - levels of emotional pain/distress I didn't think I'd ever feel again (mostly new-relationship-related, but I'm sure grief played a part, and his too, and both of us missing what we used to have, angry at what we had now and what it lacked comparatively).  Well, gradually things improved (or rather, we improved, I'm sure - maybe!), and now (6+ years out) I'm feeling hopeful again and at times (more and more), truly "happy." 

So when I opened my fortune cookie after dinner on Sunday (after a lovely, heartwarming day with my still-feels-new little family), I instantly became teary, as did my mom and sister when I showed it to them before stuffing it into my wallet to keep (maybe forever):

"The hard times will begin to fade.  Joy will take their place."
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Re: fortune cookie
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Here at 11 months I am so glad to hear that ❤️


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Re: fortune cookie
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Sometimes small words help a lot.