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Jen you sound like a totally amazing and wonderful person who has been crushed by the horror we're all struggling with.  I too cannot seem to care about anything anymore but don't want to post my "doom and gloom" through some misplaced pride I guess you'd call it.  Ridiculous.  I have no living family and my DH Steve's family have been vile so I've disconnected.  Friends have drifted away, fed up with my rollercoaster emotions and lack of social involvement.  I feel judged by numerous moronic people for not being "over it".  I've withdrawn from almost everyone and spend most of my time when not at work with my best friend, my dog.  He doesn't judge, doesn't ever get bored with me, want me to be someone I'm not, tell me to "get over it" or ever be embarrassed by my tears.  He gives me more comfort and more love than any human out there (other than my darling Steve of course!).  I am sure he can read my heart.  I know I sound insane.  I know its probably not healthy.  But I know it gets me through the day.  So love your kittens and your puppy and know they will love you back unconditionally. 


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