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Exercise your right to vote and help us figure out if we need to provide more info here.

Nope. I live in a weird spot of the country at least an hour away from any bagos and I hate driving anywhere unfamiliar by myself because I have a terrible sense of direction and get lost at the drop of a hat.

I would absolutely LOVE to attend a bago, but so far, all the ones I have seen have been far, far away from where I live.  I am thinking about trying to set one up sometime this Summer for Southern CA, if there is enough interest.  There is a strong likelihood that I will also be moving this Summer (heading closer to my New Guy), so I have to get that worked out, before I plan anything.

When I was in Brooklyn in Sept., we had lunch with people from the board and others from a local meet up that weren't on the board. It was a very nice experience. I would love to do it in the future if I get to travel to the USA again.  :)

I attended many, many bagos in the first few years.  Many were local or within a few hours, several were plane-flights away.  Every one was valuable to me, but especially my first one, when I drove 3 hours and spent the whole weekend at a bed and breakfast with ladies I had only chatted with on the board.  I remember I told NO ONE what I was doing and where I was going, because I was sure my family would think I had lost my mind.  What a healing weekend!  I was about 7 months out, but had only been on the board a month and a half.  I am still friends with most of those ladies, and have gotten together with them at bagos many times since, and don't consider them my widda friends anymore... They are just really truly friends.


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